Locked Out of Homeownership?

Tell lawmakers to do more to provide for a brighter future for all Coloradans. It’s time to provide fair, affordable housing options. Sign our petition and let your voice be heard.

PRESS RELEASE: Coalition tackles housing affordability crisis with introduction of four bills.

Colorado Needs More Housing Opportunities

Homeownership has become out of reach for too many Coloradans. At a time when access to safe, affordable housing is more important than ever — Colorado is facing a housing crisis.

“Housing prices in Colorado are too high. In fact, the average cost of a single-family house in Colorado nearly doubled between 2010 and 2019. Meaning average families are locked out of the market.”

Colorado can do more. Everyone deserves the option to build the future they want.

Resources for Policymakers: Meeting the Housing Needs of Coloradans

Download and view the infographics below about Unlocking the Door to Homeownership in Colorado.

Help Usher in a New Century of Opportunity for Colorado Homeowners

When planning the future of housing in Colorado, policymakers need to consider:

Financial Literacy Education (HB21-1200)

Residents should receive the education they need to achieve upward mobility. Financial literacy high-school curriculum should include understanding credit, debt, and student loans, as well as preparing for homeownership and retirement.

Requiring Division of Housing Annual Reporting (HB21-1028)

Colorado lawmakers should pass legislation to annually get a comprehensive picture of the state’s housing needs, be transparent about how we are meeting those needs, and base long-term affordable housing decisions on data.

Incentivizing Best Practices in Affordable Housing Development (HB21-1271)

We should empower and reward local governments that pursue policies that increase the potential for building or developing more supply of affordable housing to meet Colorado’s needs.

Credit Building Programs (HB21-1134)

Colorado should promote pilot programs that level the playing field for populations of color and give renters opportunities to build their credit so they can access homeownership.

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